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30 Minute Meals with Cheese

5 Jul

Now that I’m training once again for a half marathon, my summer evenings are quickly being whittled away. It’s not always easy to find time for running, family, chores, friends, and cooking. Rather than settling for a packaged meal, or going out to eat all the time, I strive to make dinner most nights of the week.

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

That’s where these 30-minute meals become incredibly handy. Healthy food doesn’t always have to take long to make. A combination of vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats makes the perfect dinner. And in my life, cheese often plays a big part of that 🙂 The uses are endless, and it can really elevate a dish to be something your whole family can look forward to eating.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, I was able to develop three nutritious, quick, cheesy meals for your enjoyment, plus a bonus dessert recipe! Yes, a sweet treat made with cheese 🙂 Head over to the Cheese Mart’s blog to get the full details on all these tasty meals!

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

Spicy Vegetable One Pot Pasta

This pasta is the perfect quick weeknight dinner. All the ingredients cook together in the same pot, at the same time. It’s packed with vegetables and the spicy Ghost Pepper Monterey Jack cheese gives it a bit of a kick.

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

Roasted Sweet Potato Rosemary Risotto

Risotto is an elegant classic dish that may seem daunting and time-consuming, but can actually be made in 30 minutes, start to finish. Roasted sweet potato makes this a hearty main or a side dish to just about any protein. The Parmesan cheese is the perfect finishing touch.

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

Baked Spinach Quesadillas

Quesadillas can be a quick, healthy meal for the entire family when you add vegetables! Make them even easier by baking them in the oven. Customize the fillings to your heart’s content. Make sure to choose cheeses that melt well, such as provolone or a spicy pepper jack.

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

Gjetost Filled Shortbread Cookies

No dinner is complete without a sweet treat! This simple shortbread is filled with a layer of Gjetost – a cheese that looks and tastes like caramel candy. The end result is a buttery cookie layered with a sweet, salty caramel cheese that’s sure to please everyone!

30 Minute Meals with Cheese |

I received free product from the Wisconsin Cheese Mart and was compensated for my time. All opinions and creations are my own.

Tailgating with Cheese

5 May

Tailgating, er I mean baseball season is well underway. And that means grilling out, coolers full of beer, and hanging out with friends in a massive parking lot. Don’t get stuck in a tailgate rut – whip up these recipes for a cheesy, successful tailgate experience all summer long! Head over to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart blog for these recipes and more.

Tailgating with Cheese |

Jalapeno Popper Pasta Salad

Tailgating with Cheese |

I don’t know about your city, but Milwaukee is filled with sports bars. Almost every corner has a neighborhood sports bar, with tap lines, bar food, tons of TVs, and memorabilia from every possible local team you can think of. Most bar menus are packed with deep fried foods, burgers, fries, and pizza – certainly nothing meant for tailgating. Which is why I created a pasta salad version of jalapeno poppers! This salad is overflowing with the spice of jalapenos, which are included in three ways: sautéed, fresh, and within this delicious Monterrey Jack jalapeno cheese. What’s more: this is so easy to make the night before you head out tailgating, and the flavor will only intensify overnight! It’s the perfect side to whatever you throw on the grill.

Beer Cheddar Dip

Tailgating with Cheese |

Traditional beer cheese dip is delicious, but also gooey, hot, and messy. Not exactly tailgate-friendly. But the flavors sure are! This take on the classic brings out the taste of the beer and increases the amount of cheese. Take the time to reduce down a bottle of beer on the stove – it makes all the difference in this dip, as the flavor remains but the liquid evaporates. Add an entire block of sharp cheddar, and your tailgate party clamoring for more. It’s great with pretzels, raw veggies, or to spread on a bun for your grilled eats!

Sausage-Mozzarella Rollups

Tailgating with Cheese |

These cute rollups are reminiscent of baseball bats, as slices of summer sausage get rolled around smoked mozzarella sticks. This goes out to all my meat-eating friends. Vegetarians, enjoy this smoked mozzarella on its own, it’s so flavorful!

Oatmeal, Almond & Cranberry White Cheddar Cookies

Tailgating with Cheese |

I usually opt to bring something sweet to a tailgate party, because one can only eat so many grilled foods. These treats are like oatmeal raisin cookies to the extreme. They’re packed with oats (so they’re obviously healthy), chopped almonds for crunch, and cranberry white cheddar cheese. Yep! Cheese IN cookies! An entire block of cranberry white cheddar is chopped up and folded in, as you would do with raisins or chocolate chips. This sweet-salty cheese lends the perfect flavor profile to a cookie for tailgating. It’ll go great with that cold can of beer you just cracked open and travels nicely with no mess. Make a batch and knock it out of the park with these sweet treats!

Tailgating with Cheese |

Chris and I enjoyed the first Brewers game of this season!

Cheese Recipes for Easter

16 Mar

The Easter holiday is one of pastel colors, the welcoming of Spring, children dressing up to search for filled eggs, and of course: food! One of my fondest Easter memories was waking up Sunday morning. Mom and dad always filled our Easter baskets with tons of goodies and hid plastic eggs around the house (usually it was too awful to hide them outside). But before we could even get that far, we had to follow the jelly bean trail from our beds to the living room! Yep, a trail of our favorite jelly beans leading right up to baskets overflowing with more candy. What more could a girl want?

Cheese Recipes for Easter |

Well, it’s time to take Easter food to the next level. These recipes are packed full with cheesy goodness.

Cheese Recipes for Easter |

Deviled eggs are made with cheddar cheese spread instead of mayonnaise.

Cheddar Deviled Easter Eggs |

Plain crescent rolls are filled with chocolate cheese fudge for a sweet treat.

Chocolate Walnut Cheese Fudge Crescent Rolls |

Corn muffins are given a savory punch with smoked gouda.

Smoked Gouda Corn Muffins |

Roasted carrots get covered in raspberry parmesan cheese.

Raspberry Parmesan Roasted Carrots |

Head on over to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart blog to get these recipes, order some cheese, and prepare for the best Easter yet!


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