About me

Hi! My name’s Christina and I run this shindig!

Christina Bauer

In my quest to live a healthy yet satisfying life, I refuse to sacrifice flavor. My food motto is that if I can make it healthier and make it taste great, then it’s a winner. But at the same time, it’s important to indulge now and then…enter my baking obsession! I may be a big-city girl, but many of my adventures take place in the kitchen. Enjoy the results as I challenge myself to be creative both in cooking and writing.



Craft beer connoisseur


I have a Masters in communication and undergraduate degrees in strategic communication and German. My day job involves communicating internally about technology projects in a large corporation, but I also enjoy being a cook, baker, blogger, runner, yogi, salsa dancer, homebrewer, soccer hooligan and nerd by night and weekend! Food, travel, and life are my passion – so here’s to living it deliciously!

NM 32nd floor

Finishing my first half marathon, November 2015!

Cupcakes are my favorite dessert to bake and eat. I made these beer-infused cupcakes for a Milwaukee Girls Pint Out event!

Running buddies after my second half marathon, in May 2016.

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You’re also welcome to email me (xtinaluvspink@gmail.com), or establish first contact using the below form!



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