Firefly Dinner Party

21 Aug

Yep, that says Firefly. That amazing Joss Whedon show that lasted only a season, sadly. To celebrate its awesomeness, and ours, my friends and I had ourselves a Firefly dinner party. We marathoned the show, while eating & drinking themed menu items we made from scratch!

Firefly dinner party |

The setup on my friends’ deck – how perfect!

IFirefly dinner party |

Matt, Ashley and Chris. We were all pretty happy about this arrangement.

Firefly dinner party |

Let’s get the show on the road! Or on the deck. Photo courtesy of Ashley DeYoung.

Below is the run down, in case you want to duplicate this shiny weekend party. I know you aim to misbehave!

Hors d’oeuvre

We started off with a nod to those crazy, scary Reavers, and to Blue Sun corporation. A good way to be everywhere, in everyone! Ok, that’s creepy but so are both the Reavers AND Blue Sun!

    • Blue Sun Nachos: Blue tortilla chips, shredded mozzarella, halved cherry tomatoes: Layer on baking sheet, bake at 400 for 15 minutes.
    • Bloody Reavers: Tomato juice, jalapeño vodka, Worcestershire, barbecue sauce: Pour into glass filled with ice, shake up, drink!
Firefly dinner party |

Blue Sun Nachos & Bloody Reavers (man, was that spicy!)


Let’s get to the good guys. The obvious choice for Book was mini shepherd pies – single servings of healthy, wholesome, and slightly religious goodness. Wash might be the “leaf on the wind,” but in edible form, he was a leaf on the grill – well, more like eggplant on the grill. It worked for us! Zoe always wants to be the Big Damn Hero, so burgers seemed the right way to go. I simply opted out. And for the drink: we chose a cocktail that’s full of junk, a little bit raw, but will knock you on your ass! Just like Serenity herself 🙂

      • Mini “Shepherd Book” Pies: Mini shepherd’s pies
      • Wash’s Leaf on the Grill: grilled sliced eggplant
      • Zoe’s Big Damn Hero Burgers: thick beef burgers my friends enjoyed, mixed with some Worcestershire sauce
      • Serenity Absinthe Cocktail: Egg white, lemon juice, simple syrup, whiskey and absinthe

Firefly dinner party |

Shepherd “Book” Pies!

Firefly dinner party |

Serenity’s Absinthe Cocktail

After Dinner Snacks

We had to keep the noms coming, if we were going to keep the marathon running, so we snacked on poppers that were just aiming to misbehave, and a cheese plate worthy of a Companion’s presence. We know Inara would have approved.

    • Mal’s Aim to misbehave poppers: Spicy jalapeno poppers filled with a rice and black bean mixture
    • Companion’s cheese plate: a variety of quality, tasty cheeses, a cracker medley, sliced green apple, and dried cranberries
Firefly dinner party |

Mal’s Aim to Misbehave Poppers


No Firefly party is complete without recognizing the “heroic” act of Jayne when he released his treasures (and cohort) onto what became Jaynestown. So to honor him, we sipped some sweet Mudder’s Milk, which went perfectly with the chocolatey bullets straight out of Vera.

  • Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk: 1 part Kahlua, 1 part Bailey’s, 1 part Vodka, 2 parts Milk
  • Vera’s Bullets: Chocolates in the shape of bullets!
Firefly dinner party |

Vera’s bullets & Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk

Come back tomorrow to find out what we made to represent Kaylee and River! Thanks to Ashley for helping mastermind this shindig, and to Matt and Chris for helping bring it to life! It sure was shiny 🙂

Firefly dinner party |

Ashley proudly shaking up our Serenity cocktails


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