I made blue eggs.

8 Aug

Yep. Blue eggs. Sort of like green eggs and ham. But BLUE. Do you know why not a single fast food restaurant uses blue in their logos? Because it’s an unappetizing color. Now imagine blue FOOD. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright gross.

So today’s post is a lesson in following the rules. Something I don’t do all that often. I was inspired by the fantastic Laura, over at Sprint 2 the Table, to try something #strangebutgood. But I didn’t follow her directions. I tried to take a shortcut in my lazy, post-workout-brain haze. And what resulted was a plate full of BLUE EGGS.

I made blue eggs.

Ugh, how awful. I even tried sprucing them up with fresh blueberries…didn’t help.

Laura’s Blueberry-Basil Egg Bake looks and sounds completely delightful. But lacking 35 minutes time in patience, I decided to make an omelet using the same ingredients instead. Sadly, it did not work. Hungry Tina still ate it, though. It was edible, and I’m not dead yet.

Sometimes, instructions are meant to be followed. Most times, I succeed in trying new things, experimenting with different ways of cooking, and testing out strange but good combinations. But not always 🙂

Fear not! This shall only make for a stronger presence in the kitchen. I surely won’t try my way again, but I’ll give Laura’s original version a shot – the right way. And there’s much more to explore in this realm.

I made blue eggs.

The poor lighting doesn’t help, I’m sure.

On the upside, I WAS successful in my first lone trip to the weight room. I’ve always gone with a workout buddy (either my sister or my best friend). But neither were available when I was, and had to go solo. And it was ok! I knew enough that I was able to push myself on the machines, and didn’t feel all that intimidated by the fact that the rest of the gym’s visitors that day were college-aged guys. So at least I won in some ways 🙂

You can’t succeed without taking risks, right? How have you experimented and failed in the past? And how did you persevere and push your limits following that? Let me know in the comments!


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