Tres Leches Cake

8 May

This “special occasion cake” has been a favorite of mine since I first had it on my birthday 8 years ago. My family has a tradition of always going out to eat to celebrate one of our birthdays, at a restaurant of the birthday person’s request. I always chose a Mexican restaurant, because how can you go wrong with tortillas, salsa and cheese?! They once brought me a big piece of Tres Leches cake, to accompany the required birthday song & dance that most waiters have to humiliate themselves with.

And I fell in love. It’s such a simple cake. But dripping with tres leches, three milks, this dessert is like heaven on a plate. Sweet, creamy, and topped with fresh whipped cream, you can’t go wrong. And guess what? It’s not that difficult! Slightly time-consuming, as it must be created in stages, but it’s easy enough to prepare each bit, go do something for a half hour, and come back to continue.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to whip up this decadent dessert. This one is for my department lunch celebration at work tomorrow…a slightly later Cinco de Mayo party, as it were. Make it for your family, invite your neighbors over, and have a lovely evening with good cake and great company! That’s what life is all about anyway, right? …ok, maybe that’s what MY life is about ๐Ÿ™‚

Go make this Tres Leches Cake, found on Crumbs and Chaos. You won’t regret it!

Only change I made: pour the milk mixture onto the cake twice, letting it soak in for 20 minutes in between. I also saved the leftover milk mixture…for tres leches cookies!

Cake batter

Cake batter goodness.


Egg whites and sugar…yum?




I LOVE homemade whipped cream. 2 ingredients, and you have clouds of fluffy sweetness.


Poke the cake, and pour on the leches!


Finished product…frosted with the whipped cream


The side boob of cake photography.


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    […] the spirit of innovation, I decided to put the leftover milk mixture from my Tres Leches cake to use in a new recipe. I could have thrown out the milk combination, but did a little research […]

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