CORE Foods Sample Pack Review

3 May

It’s sometimes a challenge to get in a full and healthy meal when you’re on the go between work, exercise and life. But CORE Foods has made doing that as easy as opening a package, nomming on one of their meal bars, and drinking two glasses of water along with it! But this is no ordinary meal bar. Most foodstuffs that fall into that category are not, in fact, real food. They often contain mass amounts of added sugars and fats, and end up being closer to a candy bar than a real meal when you look at the nutrition facts. But CORE Foods has found a way to make REAL food and package it into a bar form, so you can eat healthy no matter where or when.

I won a giveaway hosted by Bite Size Wellness, through which I was lucky enough to score a sample pack of CORE Foods Warrior bars – three flavors to act as protein-packed meals.

CORE Foods Warrior Sample Pack

CORE Foods touts: “Eat mainly whole raw fruits and vegetables. It’s that simple. We promise.” I couldn’t agree more! Nature is where our nutrients come from, so why not go straight to the source for our nutrition. These bars really deliver on their promise, too. Tasty, filling, and jam-packed with real, raw, whole foods, this meal kept me going for hours.

Their mission is also a good reminder, in general, to remember to eat a clean, whole foods diet (and I don’t mean the chain grocery store!). It’s not always an easy task…something that requires patience, knowledge, cooking skills, and yes, money. But it can be done, even if it takes time to get there. I have personally come a long way in regards to food choices, eating habits, and exercise, and feel better for it each day! So, start making small changes in your own life. Trade in your sugary breakfast cereal for some stove top  oatmeal. Opt for a salad instead of a side of fries when you eat out. Snack on an apple and almonds, rather than that Snickers bar in the vending machine. Small changes can lead to big results. I know, I’m living proof!

CORE Foods Warrior Cashew Cacao

This bar + two full glasses of water = one full meal! Insane, but it’s tasty AND healthy!

If you’re skeptical about buying a meal bar, try making your own energy bars at home! I posted a great recipe for energy balls, or use this guide from The Kitchn. It’s simple to do with the right equipment and ingredients. And if all else fails, just eat a banana slathered with some natural peanut butter 🙂

What is YOUR favorite way to get a quick, energy-boosting meal in when you’re running low on time?


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